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Devil’s Gate Reservoir Annual Maintenance Completed In Time for Storm Season

Devil’s Gate Reservoir Annual Maintenance Completed In Time for Storm Season 898 144 COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES

December 18, 2023
Lisette Guzman
Public Information Officer
Los Angeles County Public Works
liguzman@dpw.lacounty.gov / (626) 262-2441

Devil’s Gate Reservoir Annual Maintenance Completed
In Time for Storm Season 

Los Angeles County Public Works is pleased to announce the successful completion of the second annual maintenance program for Devil’s Gate Reservoir. This year’s efforts saw the removal of 90,000 cubic yards of sediment – the equivalent of more than 27 Olympic pools. This timely completion ensures the reservoir’s flood preparedness for the forecasted El Nin̈o, 2023-24 storm season.

“Due to the impacts of climate change, such as weather whiplash and wildfires, regular maintenance of our local dams, like Devil’s Gate, is critical,” said LA County Public Works Director Mark Pestrella, P.E. “Providing flood protection and ensuring the safety of County residents is our priority.”

LA County remains committed to protecting communities and the environment during and after the annual maintenance work at Devil’s Gate. Maintenance operations included the clearance of excess debris within the reservoir’s basin, allowing controlled water releases when necessary while reducing flood risk, and the hydroseeding of up to seven acres of side-slopes with native plants, to alleviate erosion and dust. Additionally, dust mitigation measures will continue to be deployed in the surrounding communities during high wind events.

The Restoration Project was initiated as a response to impacts from the devastating 2009 Station Fire. The Project was designed to remove more than 1.3 million cubic yards of excess sediment, aiming to keep the 104-year-old dam operational while ensuring the safety of downstream residents and businesses.

In addition to the successful maintenance program, ongoing habitat restoration has seen the rehabilitation of 70 acres of wetlands and riparian habitat for wildlife and recreation. Notably, over 100 active bird nests were documented in 2023, representing more than 25 native bird species, including species on the “California Species of Special Concern” list. The project’s success is further underscored by the planting of 33,000 container plants, native stakes, and 200 oak tree acorns to create new vegetation cover and multi-structured nesting habitats in the Hahamongna Watershed Park.

Devil’s Gate Dam serves a critical role in flood control, protecting residents during high-volume stormflow events. The County is dedicated to the ongoing safety of the reservoir and the communities it serves through partnership, strategic maintenance, and the preservation of natural habitat.

For more information on the Devil’s Gate Reservoir visit devilsgateproject.com.

Stay prepared during the storm season, find tips and resources for storm readiness at WaterForLA.com.

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