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Art Zone

Art Zone takes viewers on an immersive journey into L.A.’s vibrant arts and culture scene by profiling artists, arts nonprofits and places of cultural significance that shape our civic life. Watch it here or on the County Channel (Channel 92 or 94) on most cable systems.


Art Zone: Japanese American National Museum

Don’t Fence Me In: Coming of Age in America’s Concentration Camps explores the experiences of Japanese American youth confronting the injustice of being imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II.


Art Zone: Getty Center

A local cultural treasure and one of the great art institutions in the world, the Getty Center offers visitors a rich experience with its collections, research and conservation institutes, lush gardens, concerts, and free programming throughout the year.


Art Zone: Impact of Local Arts Grants

In this episode: Department of Arts and Culture director Kristin Sakoda discusses the impact of the arts grant program and the organizations pushing artistic boundaries to make L.A. County a dynamic arts and culture destination.


Art Zone: LACMA Expansion

Take a deeper look at the reimagining of the iconic L.A. County Museum of Art and the bold new design under construction. Plus, a peek at the new light and space exhibition.


Art Zone: New Filmmakers Los Angeles

A local non-profit organizes monthly festivals for filmmakers to exhibit their work, providing an essential platform for new and emerging artists outside the regular festival circuit.


Art Zone: Street Poets

Street Poets harnesses the healing power of poetry and music to build community and inspire a new generation to write, rap, and dream a new world into being.

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