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Los Angeles County Departments

Aging and Disabilities

Derrick Martin, Human Resources Manager

Example requests: Aging services and training, etc.

Agricultural Commissioner / Weights & Measures

Allen Lee
Phone: (626) 575-5454

Example requests: Lists of growers; pesticides information, violations, etc.

Alternative Public Defender

Robert Meneses, Administrative Deputy
Phone: (213) 974-8246

Example requests: Case expenditures and statistics

Animal Care & Control

Harold Homes, Executive Assistant
Phone: (562) 256-1362
Fax: (562) 422-3408


Stephen Whitmore, Public Information Officer
Phone: (213) 974-3101

Example requests: Parcels of real property


Ileana Lopez-Martinez, Executive Secretary
Phone: (213) 974-8390
Fax: (213) 626-5427

Example requests: Payroll data, salaries, information on take-home cars, property taxes

Beaches & Harbors

Don Geisinger, Sr. Real Property Agent
Phone: (424) 526-7730

Example requests: Permits for beach concessions or camping, permit fees, marina development and property management

Children & Family Services

Media requests:
Amara Suarez

Non-media requests: RecordRequest@dcfs.lacounty.gov

Public records exclude child welfare records that are
confidential under applicable laws. Example requests:
demographics of children under the supervision of DCFS,
placement numbers, training information, policies, DCFS
contracted agencies, etc.

Chief Executive Office

Countywide Communications
Phone: (213) 974-1311

Example requests: CEO Contracts, budget items

Consumer & Business Affairs

Ericka Vayas, Executive Assistant
Phone: (213) 342-5807

Example requests: Complaint files on businesses, records of complaints, business records

County Counsel

Contact Email
Phone: (213) 974-1811

Example requests: Sheriff’s lawsuits, claims, litigation information, list of lawsuits, Public Defender expenditures, litigation lawsuits, costs and fees, etc.

Los Angeles County Development Authority

Elisa Vásquez, Director, Communications and Public Affairs Unit
Phone: (626) 586-1762

Example requests: Agency-funded affordable housing developments, limited public construction projects, and (Housing) Section 8 records

Note: Requests for building zoning and planning should go to the Department of Regional Planning. Requests for building code enforcement should go to the Department of Public Works.

Executive Office, Board of Supervisors

Submit Public Records Request here

Example requests: Board papers related to an agenda item

Fire Department

Risk Management – Custodian of Records
Phone: (323) 881-3039

Example requests: Fire investigations, reports, contact lists, fire prevention

Health Services

Public Information Office

Note: Requests for property inspections and reports should go to the Department of Public Health.

Human Resources

Stephanie Shibata, Executive Assistant
Phone: (213) 393-3059

Example requests: Eligibility list, salary information, job position description, and title, names location, contacts for certain classes/employees

Internal Services

ISD Records Request Portal
Phone: (323) 267-3159

PIO Inbox

Example requests: Copies of bids including results, purchasing, contract manager

Mental Health

Leticia Flores

Example requests: Board and care information, salary information, process to be certified to stipulate 5150 holds, doctor’s emails, etc.

Military & Veteran Affairs

Stephanie Stone, Chief Deputy Director
Phone: (213) 765-9225
Cell: (310) 749-4492

Example requests: Veteran records

Parks & Recreation

Public Information Associate
(626) 588-5355

Example requests: Contracts and information on concessions


Chereise A. Simmons, Administrative Services Division
Risk Management – Civil Litigation Division
Phone: 562-382-2244

Example requests: Juvenile hall/camp data and demographics

Note: Information on individual people cannot be processed due to privacy laws.

Public Defender

Natalin Daldalian, Public Information Specialist

Example requests: Personnel statistics, hiring policies

Note: Public Defender material is covered by attorney/client

Public Health

Custodian of Records, Public Health Investigations
Phone: (323) 914-7806 Fax: (323) 728-0217

Example requests: Restaurant, apartment, hotel or pool inspection reports, animal bite reports, medical marijuana ID information, food borne illness outbreak information, etc.

Public Library

Elsa Munoz, Head of Support Services
Phone: (562) 940-8450

Example requests: Financial data and security reports

Public Social Services

Gabriela Herrera, Special Assistant
Phone: (562) 908-8311

Example requests: Statistics on benefit issuant, etc.

Public Works

Ronald Castaneda, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: (626) 458-6990

Example requests: Road designs, traffic signal sync plans, environmental underground tank studies, claims litigation, mapping, building and safety information, permits, property violations, and code enforcement, etc.

Regional Planning

Joseph Horvath, Administrative Deputy
Phone: (213) 974-6533
Fax: (213) 974-6384

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Public Records Act Coordinator
Phone: (562) 462-2833

Example requests: contracts, training manuals, and election-related documents.

The following records may be purchased through the normal course of business or on our lavote.gov – and do not fall within the parameters of the California Public Records Act:

  • Birth, death & marriage records
  • Real estate records
  • Voter registration information and history
  • Voter turnout
  • Elections statistics/reports
  • Precinct maps
  • Campaign finance records
  • Tax lien records
  • Fictitious Business Name records
  • Military discharge records
  • UCC Financing Statement records
  • Notary records

PRA or records within the City of Los Angeles should be directed to the Los Angeles City Clerk: https://clerk.lacity.gov/contact-us


Records/Report Requests: (562) 345-4470
Records & ID Bureau Phone: (562) 345-4441

Example requests: Individual records, policies and procedures, booking information, etc.

Public Records Act (PRA) Unit
Phone: (323) 890-5050

Example requests: Calls for service reports, SB1421, personnel, contracts, custody division statistics, 911 recordings, fiscal/financial, Clery Act, etc.

LASD Transparency Records: visit the “Transparency Promise” for access to various categories of records made public on LASD’s website

Superior Court

Contact email
More information

Example requests: Administrative records

Treasurer & Tax Collector

Damia Johnson, Assistant Treasurer and Tax Collector
Phone: (213) 584-1571

Example requests: Property tax payment records and overpayments, unclaimed funds, etc.

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