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Los Angeles Map

Maps & Geography

Explore the regional diversity of Los Angeles County by viewing population, size, zip codes and other data across maps of cities, unincorporated areas and communities.

Incorporated Cities

The first of the County’s 88 cities was incorporated in 1850, the last in 1991.

Unincorporated Areas

More than 65 percent of the County — 2,653.5 square miles — is unincorporated. For the 1 million people living in those areas, the Board of Supervisors is their “city council” and the supervisor representing the area the “mayor.” County departments provide the municipal services. There are approximately 120-125 unincorporated areas (depending on how you define them), with the largest number located in the northern part of the County. The listings below are intended to help those living and working in the unincorporated areas locate the municipal services available to them and their elected representatives. An alphabetical listing is provided of unincorporated areas and the districts in which they are located.



Maps of the County and Service Planning Areas are provided below.

Cities & Communities

The 88 cities, approximate 140 unincorporated areas, and communities within the City of Los Angeles are listed with the supervisorial district in which they are located.

ZIP Codes

A ZIP code map and lists show the County’s ZIP codes and corresponding supervisorial districts.

The County’s Enterprise Geographic Information Systems Hub provides public access hundreds of official map and data layers from across county departments and programs. In addition to these open data resources, this site provides detailed information about county programs, mapping applications, and initiatives that utilize location-based information.

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