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The Los Angeles County Citizens Redistricting Commission has approved new supervisorial district boundaries, reshaping local representation for Los Angeles County’s 88 cities, 125 unincorporated communities and millions of residents. The changes to supervisorial district boundaries go into effect immediately. The new boundary map, adopted on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, was created by the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission’s 14 commissioners, all of whom are LA County residents.

Members of the public were invited to draw and submit their own maps for consideration before the commission. A total of 113 maps were submitted to the commission. Throughout the year, the Citizens Redistricting Commission hosted 50 public meetings. During the months of November and December, more than 3,000 individuals attended the meetings/public hearings via webinars and watched the public hearings and meetings on YouTube. The Commissioners and staff also reviewed 3,800 written comments submitted during that same time period.

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