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Urgent Appeal to the Public: A Call for Information Regarding Lake LA Puppies Held in Inhumane Conditions

Urgent Appeal to the Public: A Call for Information Regarding Lake LA Puppies Held in Inhumane Conditions 608 188 COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES

September 11, 2023
DACC Contact: DACC North County Communications Center, (661) 940-4191 or after hours at (562) 940-6898

Urgent Appeal to the Public: A Call for Information Regarding Lake LA Puppies Held in Inhumane Conditions

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) is issuing an urgent appeal to the public, asking for assistance in locating a concealed location where puppies and other animals are suspected to be enduring unsafe conditions.

Disturbing reports have recently come to our attention, suggesting that an undisclosed group of animals (approximately 100-200 animals) are facing neglect and inhumane conditions within the Lake Los Angeles community in the Antelope Valley. These revelations have evoked deep concern and distress among ardent animal advocates, and the Department is investigating.

DACC can confirm that 14 of puppies from this location came into our care from a third party with no knowledge of the location. Ten puppies had to be humanely euthanized due to advanced parvovirus disease that was beyond treatment. The Department’s medical team tried vigorously to save the four remaining parvovirus-positive puppies by providing supportive treatment of subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and extra feedings. However, their condition also deteriorated rapidly and they also had to be euthanized for humane reasons.

DACC wishes to prevent further tragedy, and the safety and well-being of the remaining animals at this unknown location are of paramount importance. Our organization initiates an imperative plea to the public, urging individuals with any pertinent information to step forward and aid us in identifying the location where these animals are being kept so the Department can assess their care and take action to prevent further suffering and death.

Should you have knowledge of this undisclosed location, have witnessed suspicious activities, or possess any information that could be instrumental in DACC’s investigation, we urge the public to contact us without delay.

Please call the DACC North County Communications Center at (661) 940-4191, or after hours (562) 940-6898.

DACC hopes that through collective community efforts, we can put an end to this heart-rending situation and get these animals the medical care, protection, and chance at adoption they so rightfully deserve.

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