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DACC Advisory: Keep Animals Safe During the Coming Storm

DACC Advisory: Keep Animals Safe During the Coming Storm 608 188 COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES

August 19, 2023
DACC Contact:
Leah Cohen, Communications Director
Phone: 562.714.0842, Email: LCohen@animalcare.lacounty.gov

DACC Advisory: Keep Animals Safe During the Coming Storm

Long Beach, CA, August 19, 2023 – As Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California, the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control urges residents to prioritize the safety and well-being of their beloved pets and livestock. Preparedness is key to ensuring the protection of animals during emergencies.

Hurricane Hilary marks the first-ever tropical storm warning for Southern California and is likely to bring strong winds and moderate to severe flooding. Heavy rainfall is expected as early as Sunday afternoon. Creating a comprehensive emergency plan that includes the needs of pets and livestock is vital for their survival and overall welfare.

Tips for Pet Owners:

  1. Ensure your pets are wearing identification tags with up-to-date contact information.
  2. Prepare an emergency kit for your pets, including food, water, medications, copies of licensing and vaccination records and comfort items.
  3. Locate pet-friendly shelters and accommodations in case evacuation becomes necessary.
  4. Have a secure carrier or leash on hand for each pet, facilitating safe transportation.
  5. Familiarize yourself with local evacuation routes and have a plan for transportation.
  6. Make sure your pet’s microchip registration has all your current contact information in the registry.

Livestock Preparation:

  1. Move livestock a secure shelter that will protect them from winds, rain, lightning and flooding.
  2. Ensure ample food, water, and medications are readily available for your livestock.
  3. Reinforce fencing and structures to prevent damage from strong winds.
  4. Have a means of transportation and a designated location in mind for relocating livestock if needed.
  5. Establish a communication plan with neighbors and local animal welfare organizations.
  6. It is crucial to follow evacuation orders and evacuate early. Waiting until the last minute can have potentially fatal consequences.

“During times of crisis, the safety and well-being of our pets and livestock must be a top priority,” emphasized DACC Director Marcia Mayeda. “We urge all residents in Los Angeles County to take proactive steps to ensure the protection of their animals. By planning ahead and staying informed, we can minimize the impact of Hurricane Hilary on our animals.”

DACC,  as always, stands ready to assist with evacuations and has been coordinating with the LA County Office of Emergency Management and other local animal care agencies to ensure a swift and unified response.

Residents are encouraged to stay tuned to local news updates and official announcements from relevant authorities as Hurricane Hilary progresses. You can sign up for emergency alerts at Alert LA County ( https://ready.lacounty.gov/emergency-notifications ). Taking immediate action to implement preparedness measures can make a significant difference in the safety and comfort of pets and livestock during Hurricane Hilary.

For further information and resources on creating effective emergency plans for animals, residents can visit Ready.LACounty.gov.

About Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control (DACC)

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