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It is very important that you read these flyers to learn  more about the payroll changes impacting your pay, deductions and benefits.

Helpful Resources

For answers to commonly asked questions, please access the Frequently  Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

For more specific questions, please contact your Department  Payroll Section.

Payroll Flyer Titles and Descriptions

1. Semi-Monthly Payroll
The  County is changing from a monthly payroll with a pay advance to a semi-monthly  payroll.

2. Payroll Practices Not Changing
With  the implementation of the new eHR payroll system, there will be changes in the  way employees are paid, however,
    many of the County’s payroll practices will  remain the same.

3. Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans
Retirement  contributions and service credit will be reported on a semi-monthly basis and  the calculations of the employees
    contributions to deferred compensation plans  will be simplified.

4. From Calendar Day to Work Day
The  County’s pay method will be based on scheduled work days rather than calendar  days.

5. Leave Time Usage
To  further elaborate on the changes impacting employee absences, highlighted are  the following topics:
    Absent Without Pay (AWOP), Salary Continuation for job injuries, Part Pay  Sick (PPS) and Short Term Disability (STD).

6. Personnel and Pay Events Revised
Semi-monthly  pay schedules will be used to calculate selected pay and personnel events such  as midperiod salary changes,
    payments to employees leaving County service and  traffic mitigation allowances.

7. Pay Statement
    How  to read your pay statement.

8. Planning your Finances NEW!
    Employees who have a Horizons/Savings Plan Loan must elect a payment plan. In addition, employees may want to change
    their deferred plan contributions, and consider withholding additional Federal and State taxes from their paychecks.

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